Loan Policies:

Loan Periods:
28 days:


 14 days:
New Fiction
New Non-Fiction
New Young Adult Fiction
Music CDs (Non-renewable)
CD ROMs (Non-renewable)
Circulating Ref (Non-renewable)
GoChip Beam (Non-renewable)
Playaway Launchpads (Non-renewable)

7 days:
Videos/DVDs (Non-Renewable)
Playaway Views (Non-Renewable)

Limits on Checked Out Materials :
Videos/DVDs (patron must be 18 or older)
8 Music CDs
8 Playaways
3 Playaway Launchpads
2 Encyclopedias / Playaway Views
5 Adult Holiday
5 Children’s Holiday or Same Subject, Set, Series or Author
10 Audiobooks
10 Magazines (current issue does not circulate)
20 Large Print books
1 GoChip Beam

Renewals : (Can be done by phone or online through your patron account)
One renewal is allowed for most 28 day items and some 14 day items (see Loan Periods above).

Reserves :
Patrons may reserve an item (no DVDs or videos) currently checked out to another patron (limit of 15).  You will receive an automated phone call when your holds are ready to pick up.  Your holds will be held for 5 days.

Schedule of Fees:
$.20 per day – Books, Magazines
$.50 per day – CDs, Audiobooks, Playaways
$1.00 per day – DVDs, Playaway Launchpad, GoChip Beam
$1.00 to replace lost Library card

$5.00 Processing Fee on lost items

$10.00 Collection Agency fee for account sent to collections

Fines accumulating to $12.00 or more will result in suspension of  checkout and computer use privileges until the fines are paid down below this threshold.

Fines accumulating to $25.00 or more are sent to a collection agency.

Printing Costs:
$.15 per page  – B/W printouts
$.50 per page  – Color printouts

FAX Costs:
$1 per page

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