My Library Rewards

Earning rewards is easy…

  • Simply bring your library card with you each time you visit the library
  • Check out items and earn up to 100 points per week
    • Families can group cards, but each card can only earn 100 points per week.
  • Signup to activate your account
  • Find discounts
  • Redeem your points by selecting the offer you’d like and qualify for with your points.
  • Print or download the reward voucher and take it to the participating vendor.
  • For Apple and Android users download the My Library Rewards app from your app store
  • PC users will use the website
  • FAQs

Having an issue with your My Library Rewards account?

Get help using this contact form.

Traveling?  Your points go with you! 

Log into My Library Rewards and search the zip code of the area to which you are traveling (within U.S.) to see if there are business in that area that participate in the My Library Rewards program.  If so, you may redeem your points with those businesses and use them there!

Are you a local business that would like to participate?

Simply use this contact page to find out how!


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