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Students who need homework help now can get exactly that – HelpNow – online. HelpNow is an online academic support service from Brainfuse, available 24/7 at the Mason Public Library website. It features an extensive library of lessons, video tutorials and practice tests, as well as live, on-demand, one-on-one tutoring. 

Learners of any age have access to an extensive library of lessons, video tutorials, and practice tests that are available 24/7 from HelpNow. Live tutoring assistance can be accessed by clicking the “Get Live Help” button during tutoring hours, 2:00 – 11:00 p.m. seven days a week.

Especially useful for middle and high schoolers who are proficient in online interaction, HelpNow tutors guide students through homework challenges and help them develop the necessary skills to complete assignments on their own. Tutors help users master core academic skills through state-aligned lessons, including the Common Core.

HelpNow provides unique services for each of the three main sources of learning—expert instruction, peer-to-peer collaboration, and independent study in these general subject areas:

  • Math, including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus
  • Science, including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science
  • Social Studies, including US History, and World History
  • English/Language Arts
  • Writing Assistance
  • Reading Comprehension/Grammar/Vocabulary Skills Building
  • English Literature
  • Spanish Language Help

HelpNow is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Users need a Mason Public Library card and PIN.



For additional test preparation, explore:

Credo Reference – Credo is an easy-to-use tool for research projects and homework. Search in hundreds of encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri, quotations, and subject-specific titles, as well as 200,000+ images and audio files, and nearly 100 videos.

Credo Remote Use  (Simply enter your Mason Public Library card number in the Library login box)

World Book Advanced – Contains up-to-the-minute access to worldwide news publications, government links from numerous countries, and multimedia reference materials.

World Book Early World of Learning – Early World of Learning is the premier online learning resource for preschoolers and children in early grades. Developed with education experts, Early World of Learning offers rich resources designed for easy integration into the lives of your children.

World Book French – A full-featured, beginner-level reference source, Découverte provides users with a database written at basic French reading levels. Seamlessly integrates with World Book Kids for parallel English-language content.

World Book Kids – thousands of articles, multimedia content, and a collection of biographies, World Book Kids is designed to encourage the young learner to be curious. The carefully curated content also supports STEM/STEAM instructional initiatives.

World Book Spanish – This dedicated Spanish-language database contains videos, compare-and-contrast features, selected articles, and a visual dictionary to allow ESL students and Spanish-learners the chance to learn. Integrated with World Book Kids for parallel English-language content.

World Book Student – features responsive design, daily current events, assessment tools for educators, and dedicated resource guides to provide blueprints for advanced learning and college and career readiness.

World Book Timelines 

  • Create family histories and track science projects
  • Generate easy-to-use study guides on historical events
  • Craft stunning presentations with pre-generated timelines that include historical notes and a wealth of images and videos
  • Integrate content from World Book Student and World Book Advanced

Great Websites for Kids is a compilation of exemplary websites geared to children from birth to age 14. Suggested sites are updated, evaluated by national librarians 2-3 times each year to ensure their relevance and quality.

Great Websites for Kids, Resources connects parents, caregivers, and educators with librarian-recommended websites to help their children learn.

Searchasaurus For Younger Grade Students:  This website helps you find the information you need for any subject or project.

KidsSearch For Older Grade Students:  This website is designed to help you find the information you need for any subject or project.